Monday, January 19, 2009

the park day 2---the sequel

The weather on Sunday made a strong argument that days like that should not be wasted so we celebrated it by going back to the park and putting together a picnic. We cooked hot dogs and hamburgers over charcoal and brought shrimp/macaroni salad and ended with chocolate cupcakes. Little Miss Snyder showed how to eat a cupcake and get a facial at the same time. Apparently fosting is great for the skin. Seth helped McLain, Bob, and Rick brush up on their football arms and Grandpa impressed us with his frisbee skills. Unfortunately, Bentley's parents believe they have the right to come and take their child home even if he believes he should be entitled to stay another day. They made plans with friends to have dinner at their house and so we all spent the afternoon wishing they were there. Seth was most opposed to the parental decisions that cost him his friend for the day. Seth wanted to play catch with the football and even though it was a full size, rough and tough football, he kept throwing and attempting to catch until he could do it. The dude is amazing in his determination. His face is fun to watch because he shows it all in his expressions. No need to wonder what he is feeling because the "I can do it" and then "I did it" shine through clearly.

Probably the biggest flashback moment of recent years for me was when Rickell and Courtney were on the swing/teeter totter type toy and Rickell whined, "Mom, will you push me?"

Chloe held on tight to Courtney's leg while they did the skateboard-esque toy on a rail. She is much braver than her brother. He, however, seems to have as much fun so all is well.

"THE" park

So,,,,if you have not been to the new park on Tonaquint drive, you need to. It is "THE" park. On Saturday, Rickell, Courtney and I took the kids and we almost forgot to watch the kids because we had so much fun playing.
The toys are so original and kids of all sizes were kicking it up. It is my new favorite.
Even though Bentley is afraid of everything, he had so much fun that we had to promise to come back on Sunday to get him to leave. Chloe was overwhelmed and spent half of her time people watching. One toy would look like so much fun, she would head toward it but become distracted by kids on another toy and so she had a hard time getting started. Mattix thought it was just another day and hung off of Mom.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Decorating cupcakes with these two is something no one should attempt sober. Bentley can never have the frosting quite smooth enough and Chloe can not heap enough candy onto one cupcake. It took us 30 minutes to decorate a total of four cupcakes but they were pretty proud when they were finished so I know it was a success. Bentley had four people he was giving his two cupcakes to so that should be interesting. Chloe licked both of hers so if she offers to share....say no.
Since the kids are too young to do much carving and I am quite clumsy to do any carving, I fell in love with the potato head pumpkin kits. I figured, no problems when you use a kit- what complications can I possibly have. I forgot the Chloe factor. She must envision herself as a pumpkin because she kept taking the ear from her pumpkin and sticking it in her own ear. Oh well, next year we can try it the traditional way and see if she tries to wear the pumpkin innards.
Bentley took his pumpkin very serious and wanted things positioned just right. He was so worried when the pirates earring came off of his ear. Different outlook than his sister who pulled every body part off over...and over..and over.

When I asked Chloe for a "cheese", she gave me a raspberry. Totally wrong food group all the way around.

The best aunt in the world poses with the kids and their masterpieces. The princess and the pirate will probably be splattered on the road tomorrow night but we had fun today.
Since I had the day off and I have been going through Grandchildren withdrawals, I thought it would be good to have the kids and do some "Halloweenie" things with them. We got the party started at "grandma-grandpas" (Great grandpa Mcknight) and in his usual style, he had something strange in store. With promises of candy waiting in the shed, grandpa sent Bentley and Chloe to his shed. Bentley walked right by the dude in the chair looking for the candy. Once he came back and looked at the chair, he was no longer interested in the candy. He wanted OUT! Grandpa had a walkie talkie in the pocket of his dummy and was hiding where he could see the kids and giving them instructions on where to find the candy. Even Chloe was freaked out. Crazy grandpa.