Monday, January 19, 2009

the park day 2---the sequel

The weather on Sunday made a strong argument that days like that should not be wasted so we celebrated it by going back to the park and putting together a picnic. We cooked hot dogs and hamburgers over charcoal and brought shrimp/macaroni salad and ended with chocolate cupcakes. Little Miss Snyder showed how to eat a cupcake and get a facial at the same time. Apparently fosting is great for the skin. Seth helped McLain, Bob, and Rick brush up on their football arms and Grandpa impressed us with his frisbee skills. Unfortunately, Bentley's parents believe they have the right to come and take their child home even if he believes he should be entitled to stay another day. They made plans with friends to have dinner at their house and so we all spent the afternoon wishing they were there. Seth was most opposed to the parental decisions that cost him his friend for the day. Seth wanted to play catch with the football and even though it was a full size, rough and tough football, he kept throwing and attempting to catch until he could do it. The dude is amazing in his determination. His face is fun to watch because he shows it all in his expressions. No need to wonder what he is feeling because the "I can do it" and then "I did it" shine through clearly.


Megan said...

oh man, you got some good ones! I will have to get copies of those someday! When we got back in the car, Seth said, "Mom, McLain wasn't very good at throwing the football. I had to show him. He kept practicing though, and now he's pretty good." SO funny!

rickellespinoza said...

sounds like you had a good time! too bad we had to miss out :(